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I want to get started by showing what has so far been created.

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I'm not much a of a writer of fancying up my own mod so I'll just give you what I've created in the last few weeks.

Level Design:


This dungeon is built around using water to run it's machinery. Bellow is the main entrance of the dungeon. As soon as you enter the dungeon you will see this cavern. The big walk way in the middle is a giant pump station that pulls from the water table and pushes it through the dungeon and possibly dwemer dungeons around it.

Tunzer Falls Entrance
Tunzer Falls Entrance
Tunzer Falls Entrance

The Main Hall:

I'm not going to talk much about this area but It is a critical part of the dungeon as it connects three of the main wings of the dungeon.

The Main Hall of Tunzer Falls
The Main Hall of Tunzer Falls

Enemy Characters:

So far I only have two enemys drawn but more are soon to come.
I will also be modeling these characters my self.

Dirt Man

This character it covered in roots and can slow any thing that touches it. It also is held together by a dwemer core, so if the character dies it will also explode into a pile of dirt.

New Enemys

Dirt Warrior

This warrior's armor is made of hardened clay that can with stand any blade with out breaking. The affects from the core keep this enemy together but if the enemy dies it will explode into a pile dirt.

New Enemys

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