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New beta almost ready. There are fixes, new content, and a new conclusion to Tuesday & Ark.

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I'd like to announce that Beta 3 of Tuesday & Ark - Continuum is almost ready for release. This is a changelog so far: Fixes: Improved synchronization in various cutscenes. Made some objects: pipes, rocks, etc., double sided. This fixes being able to see through scenery. Tried to improve framerate, with limited success. By disabling real time lighting on certain lights where they couldn't possibly cast a player shadow, and erasing lights which weren't needed, framerate inside was improved; but making vegetation more efficent proved impossible without completely redoing it from nothing. And that is not a good idea. Fixed mipping on sky texture. Tried to fix AI issues regarding entering new areas, then doubling back: chacter was spinning round and other strange behaviours. Visual: Diffused lights more. Made searing white a bit blue. That's a useful rendering technique, though the blurring filter does already make everything blue. It is also important not to cross the blueness threshhold. Additions: Added part 4 and Interlude sequence between Parts 3 and 4. Both parts are new, and give the story a new conclusion.

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