Post news RSS Tuesday 22nd November, 2011...A Quick but Productive Year

After a year of continued development after release we're still going strong.

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It doesn't feel like it has been a year since our first demo release. People joined, people left, solid progress has surely been made. Our current team is still very much enthusiastic about the project and daily updates in at least one department of the project is the norm. So what have we done? What is our future?

Well as all of our past news items have stated progress continues daily. Mapping, models, textures, sounds, music, code, you name it! Really the whole team is jiving pretty well right now and things continue to stay on course.

For the future? Well our next release has always be planned to be the entire first episode and would conclude the Cleric's journey. That includes 3 full hubs(about 3.5 levels per hub) and would be a little over triple the size of our demo release. There's also discussion on what to include on the other classes if for nothing else than some public testing of their mechanics. It will all depend on how things continue to progress in the time frame we are eying. A couple new team members of course wouldn't be a bad thing!

We hope to have some very cool updates in the coming months so stay tuned!

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DarkSlayer_ - - 422 comments

I like the fact that your team is stable, the enthusiasm remains.
Not like other teams that leave the mod at 50% state and leave. Congrats for that!
The update was wonderful, nice textures and still the awesome atmosphere.
Keep going team.

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Sebultura - - 29 comments

Your mod remains my top #1 on id Tech 4 engine (followed by TDM, but I prefer the Hexen universe and feeling) and it's great to know that the team is going well and also that there's still enthusiasm around this project !

Keep up the good work, dudes !

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Mars_3K - - 729 comments

I second that, well said.

Merry Xmas team Hexen.

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