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We’re happy to announce that we’re pushing out patch 1.6 today! This patch will hopefully hold everyone over until we return to working on 2.0!

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Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce that we’re pushing out patch 1.6 today. Below you’ll find the changes that we’ve made, and is now available on the launcher!


-TSR 2.0 Menu and Intro Movie backported from 2.0
-Rocket warhead effectiveness VS flying vehicles increased to 1 (was 0.8)
-"Unit Ready" announcement no longer plays twice


-Veterancy purged from all infantry units, effectively removing it from the game
-Third person camera adjusted to be smoother
-Minor lighting adjustments
-Cyborgs and Enforcers can now drive vehicles
-Umagon anti-vehicle C4 and Toxin Trooper Toxin Grenades removed
-Umagon and Toxin Trooper projectile gravity increased to 0.5 (from 0)

GDI :gdi:

-Disc Thrower secondary fire removed
-Disc Thrower Gravity changed to 0.5 (from 2.250)
-Disc Thrower Projectile velocity increased to 60 (was 40)
-Disc Thrower range reduced to 100 (was 180)
-Riot Trooper moved up on the purchase list
-Riot Trooper Price reduced to 400 (from 700)
-Shotgun Slug ammo cost reduced to 1 (from 2)
-EMP mines removed from Riot Trooper
-Umagon rifle is no longer burst fire
-Umagon damage up to 33 (from 11)
-Umagon magazine size set to 8 (from 18)
-JumpJet armor reduced to 0 (from 40)

NOD :nod:

-Elite Cadre Grenade Launcher now has unlimited ammo
-Cyborgs now have their arm cannon by default
-Toxin Trooper damage up to 30 (from 10)
-Toxin Soldier magazine size set to 10 (from 30)
-Confessor Rifle damage boosted to 18 (from 14)
-Cyborg Commando speed increased to 6 (from 5.5)
-Cyborg Commando now has a flamethrower secondary fire


GDI :gdi:

-Wolverine Targeting Range increased to 85 (was 75)
-Wolverine MaxEngineTorque increased to 5000 (was 4750)
-Hover MRLS secondary fire removed
-Disruptor Health/Armor increased to 500/500 (was 450/450)
-Disruptor now uses Heavy armor (was Medium)
-Juggernaut Splash Radius increased to 15 (was 12.5)
-ORCA Fighter range increased to 120 (was 90)
-ORCA Bomber Splash Radius increased to 30 (was 15)
-ORCA Bomber Splash Damage increased to 130 (was 120)
-Carryall texture updated

NOD :nod:

-Attack Cycle model & physics updated to handle far better, making for a smoother experience
-Tick Tank now uses the same emitter when deployed and undeployed
-MRV now has a repair beam
-MRV range increased to 12 (was 6)
-Cyborg Reaper damage increased to 40 (was 35)
-Cyborg Reaper web removed
-Harpy damage down to 6 (was 8 )


-Vulcan Cannon damage reduced to 6 (from 8 )
-RPG Turret damage reduced to 70 (from 80)
-RPG Turret now uses Rocket warhead, making it more effective against vehicles, but less effective against infantry



Ion Storms have been removed from most levels.


- Finally added the missing Gas Station and Local Store to the middle
- New Outposts have been added near each Faction's base in the middle
- Civilian buildings have been added near the GDI base
- The crashed Banshee has been moved closer to the shore and a small car park is now in it's place
- Some texture updates
- Fixed an area where you could go out of bounds
- GDI Base defenses no longer float

Screenshot 112


- Added a Civilian living area to the GDI side
- Added a small industrial area to the Nod side
- Various objects have been placed over the map for better infantry combat cover
- Other small changes and additions

Screenshot 113


- The Tiberium Sludge is no longer broken



- New back amphibious routes to the Nod base


- GDI base defenses no longer float


- New vehicles have been added leading into the side of each base
- New vehicle routes have been added along with tunnels leading into each base
- Some missing objects have been re-added
- Mutants and the Mammoth Tank have been removed from the middle area
- Crates will no longer float

Screenshot 110

Thanks everyone! See you next time!


Thanks for the update, good work. Any plans for campaign remake?

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Coolrock Author

I don’t believe we’ll be doing any single player missions, but the team enjoys making co-op maps to play against AI. We currently have them in AR and APB, so no reason not to expect them for TSR in the future!

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why removing Veterancy and alot of secondary weapons?? ur making the game even more blander than strategy version (tiberium sun) variety and different tools is a MUST for a 3rd person game! most of infantries only with 1 weapon?!! really?!

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Coolrock Author

HI! A lot of the things you see removed are going to come back in a future patch. If you’d like to read up on why each item was removed or changed, you can visit our forums here:

Short answer would be that a lot of things were just broken in 1.5, and this was meant to make the game more playable until the team is able to sort out the issues. We’re sorry for any issues this has caused.

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Thank you for clarifying! I was also going to ask about this.

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Coolrock Author

No problem at all!

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Does that mean mutants and ion storms are coming back?
Those two changes made me the most sad.

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