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TSM V2.0A FAQ - Something questions about this TSM mod...

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- Something questions about this TSM mod... (Updated - 15/07/2022).

Q. What are the minimum system requirements?
A. The minimum recommendation are:
- Four-core processor, 8 GB Ram, Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 or AMD RX 560 or better

Q. Any plans for [CO-OP] support?
A. Custom [CO-OP] versions are available for [OpenCoop] and [LibreCoop] mods.

Q. Custom Mods Support?
A. This is already released a custom add-on files for Perfected Mod and Redux V2.0 Mod
- If you want to make this compatible with any other custom singleplayer mod so, but please include the credit file...

Q. is it compatible for dhewm3 source port?
A. yes.. it runs great for dhewm3 [32 bits and 64 bits] versions...

Q. is it compatible for DOOM 3: BFG EDITION?
A. yes.. it is available for the [BFG EDITION], note that it works only [RBDOOM-3-BFG-] Version or higher


i have two questions 1.are you going to add arachnotrons for tsm and 2.why is'nt the arachnotron and spidermastermind in fragging free

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Simo-K Author

1). The idea is that developing a special version and it adds these both of the custom enemies, but.. it's just a XCoop mod feature...
- Who knows if such a feature is coming later for (TSM Singleplayer version)

2). I don't know... maybe Ivan_the_B or StarFire2 to tell more closely...
The idea is to develop a custom tsm version for [Fragging Free Mod] in next year 2022...

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