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This is the article about Machine Threat in my own fantasy universe. Its only for robot-battles lovers ;)

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Tscharapunji AI

Tscharapunji - is the secret unknown mothership, which appeared in the universe. First contact with this phenomenal flying object was in the age 2594. Earth Alliance scientists frigate explored this ship and sent information to colonial base near the system of Barnaby.

Colonial base connection squad sent this information to other colonies and to the Earth Alliance central fleet headquarters. They described the mightiest ship, which was like giant steel starfish. Soon this ship connected with scientists frigate and voice told them that name of this ship is Tscharapunji.

Scientists tried to explore more information, but voice of this ship called himself as Machine Hypermind and made them ultimatum to say about all Earth Alliance technologies secrets. Scientists didn`t do it and Hypermind destroyed the frigate by the help of million flying drones.

After some months Tscharapunji mothership destroyed all life in the planet Barnaby-3. All Earth colonies were completely annihilated. Some people had time to send messages to Earth Alliance central fleet. They told about billion steel machines, which killed too much life forms. It was killer machines, terrible robots.

After the destroying of Barnaby-3 colonies, president Joanna Qilich sent to Barnaby system giant fleet with the command of admiral Justin Fokka. Admiral didn`t find any alien ships in the star system, only thousand killed colonists. They didn`t explore even one machine bodies. Only dead life forms.

Now, Tscharapunji mothership is the one of Earth Alliance secrets. Earth government don`t know what is it and now trying to find good theory. Senator Odissey Roslin made theory that this ship was appeared not accidentally. He said that Hypermind and all this tragedy was the actions of Yotuns forces.



Very nice piece from your franchise universe! I believe you can put it right and expand into an amazing plot.

Tscharapunji can indeed be an example of Yotuns power, but maybe there's something more? Something between Yotuns and everyone else who are against them? :)

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BagaturKhan Author

Maybe Tscharapunji can be another evil force.

Sometime, you`ll know the truth

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I like that ship :) it's very interesting

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