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Well, we want to share with us the story before the game. In this timelapse story you will see where happened before the game.

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2020 Resume: The world is on the verge of war. The main superpowers, the U.S, Russia, Japan, China, North Korea, they all face each other off in a waiting game in which there is no turning back. Minor Nations gear up in fear of what is to come.
May 20, 2020: A North Korean nuclear submarine headed for Japanese waters when, for unknown reasons the warhead exploded. The explosion generated a shockwave causing a giant tsunami that hit Japanese coast . Consequently, Japan announced its allies about the nuclear attack by an unknown force, all the Great Powers immediately mobilized.
May 22, 2020: is official Korean submarine origin, on that day the war begins. The great powers were facing each other

2021 Resume: Hundreds of short power nuclear bombs explode in the air, being intercepted by nations systems. The radiation spreading to other countries. The world was on the brink of nuclear unprecedented scale.
August 15, 2021: Middle Eastern countries start their own war. They are divided between the two main countries and the war begins.

2022 Resume: All the Earths countries are involved in the war, actively or passively. Civilian and military casualties are countless.

2023 Resume: 50% of the population has died from different causes , although not suffer more than when a few nuclear bombs, experts say that the worst is yet to come. War tests the latest technology in each country and, as the experts call it, this is 'A deathmatch' .
June 5, 2023: United States, along with its allies announced that this war would not cease to exterminate all enemies, for the present and future considered a threat to the world .
November 18, 2023: A top-secret branch of the United States Army migrates to Alaska for testing in a remote area near Anchorage, Alaska State begins The possibility of 'refuge' to the war.

2024: The United States lockdown Alaska. No nations know what is happening there, and neither to many of Alaska's residents. Meanwhile, the United States build in secret large underground cities to withstand radiation and nuclear weapons.
March 28, 2024: Hostile forces attempt to spy what happens in Alaska, but the United States responds forcefully annihilating its exploration team. Consequently, Russia requires reporting or ensure that there is no nuclear threat in it..
April 2, 2024 United States says a press release to say nothing of the plans of Alaska, much less to an enemy nation. The UN lost all credibility long ago, is involved in something too big and consequently end up dismantled a few months later as nations fail to provide money to it.All US labor focuses on 'underground city’' ending in record time, but not quite, to protect themselves from attack.
September 11, 2024: Iran launched two nuclear bombs with China support nicknamed 'Twin Towers' in Los Angeles and New York. Generating thousands of victims in a short time and millions of losses for America. US starts moving finalizing the draft Alaska.

US Response to Iran with nukes of different magnitude thrown into Iranian territory, starting the beginning of Nuclear War. Iran was reduced to ashes and its allies responded with more nuclear bombs to the United States, Japan , South Korea and NATO. It was the beginning of the end.Meanwhile, Alaska had its underground city that nicknamed Northgate. Whose dome could blend into the surround field making it invisible. As the city was not entirely underground, but impossible to detect and protected from nuclear radiation. City was airtight.In it, the main members of US allies as well as the country's most eminent refuge in Northgate. Not everyone had a place there and fortunately, almost no one knew of its existence.
January 3, 2025: 90% of Earth's population has died. The few survivors left on the surface of the planet have become infected by radiation that now contaminates Earth.

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