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Tsardoms proudly presents a comprehensive preview of the newest faction, the Principality of Kiev.

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Principality of Kiev

Historically, Kiev was reestablished as a Principality in 1440 under the Olelkovych dynasty and as a constituent part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Its roster represents a combination of Rus and Lithuanian units. The Olelkovych were candidates for the rulership of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. As such Kiev is in a tenuous relationship with the Jagiellons and Poland, a state that is in personal union with Lithuania but that recently fought a civil war that pitted the pro-Catholic Jagiellons against the pro-Orthodox nobility in Lithuania.

Faction Selection Screen

Strat Map Character Models

Faction Map Preview

Unique Buildings in Kiev

Golden Gate

St Sophia Cathedral

Faction Titles

Faction Leader

Rus Titles - Grand Prince of Rus

- this title is based on the title held by the Grand Dukes of Lithuania and also by the unofficial title of Svidrigaila adopted during the Civil War

Faction Roster

Ruthenian Peasants

Chude Javelinmen

Luchniki Archers

Smerd Axemen

Upgrade 0

Upgrade 1

Starshe Oplochnnye Militia

Upgrade 0

Upgrade 1

Ruthenian Spearmen

Upgrade 0

Upgrade 1

Kievan Samostreltsy

Lithuanian Crossbowmen

Lithuanian Archers

Cheremis Arquebusiers

Berdichniki Heavy Axemen

Dvor Archers

Ducal Guard Heavy Spearmen


Rus Horse Archers

Cossack Marauders

Dvor Horse Archers

Boyar's Sons

Lithuanian Bajorai Cavalry

Shliahta Nobles

Knyaz Guard


Many thanks to Rusichi Total War team, Bulat Steel team, Ogniem i Mieczem II team, Lithuania Total War and Battle for the Baltic team, Okzersal, Leeekaaa and anyone else that has contributed to the building of this faction

michkibalnyk - - 6 comments

Can you please replace the name of the faction with the original Ukrainian name of the city of Kyiv (instead Kiev)?

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morbiuss - - 15 comments

Might as well change all the names of cities, personnel, factions, units to fit their respective languages ... while they at it right.

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egich - - 1 comments

Old Ukrainian text of XVI century : “В едной части тых книжок в речи способ отправованяся, в другой рекома оборону того синоду запер, синодом и синодовыми дЂями назыиваючи якуюсь унЂю, через митрополита киевского…”

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michkibalnyk - - 6 comments

Thanks for your answer. Even the wiki article states that the original name was Київ (Киів) - pronounced like "Kyjiv" or "Kyiv"

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Wallachian Author
Wallachian - - 994 comments

For the city name we are using Kyiv. But all factions use a standardised colloquial English name not their local variants. That is why we have the Principality of Florence instead of the Principality of Firenze. So we will keep the names of factions as they are.

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