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Tsardoms Total War proudly presents a preview of the completely remade flags and banners of the Italian factions.

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Italian Flags and Banners

factional flags italian factions

VINC is taking historical accuracy in Tsardoms to the next level. He is now customising the handheld banners of Italian factions and their mercenaries to match the various internal families and sub-factions. Each Italian faction will now have multiple types of flags and banners flown depending on the unit type and on faction. Even for the same unit there may be different flags depending on which faction hires.

For Genoese mercenaries we will have as follows:

-Genoa: Doria banners
-Romans: Doria and Giustiniani banners
-Rebels: del Carreto
-Milan: Doria and Spinola
-France: Grimaldi
-Austria: Doria
-Pope, Florence: Fieschi, Spinola(present in Athens)

So for example, when Romans will hire Genoese crossbowmen and marines, they will have banners from the families with who they had most affinities historically.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Giustiniani Longo, Grimaldi, del Carretto, Fieschi, Spinola, Doria.

Spinola has the old version like in Athens.
Giustiniani acronyms: "GI" stands for either Giovanni Iustianiani or Giustiniani. "C.SYI" = Civitas of Scio/Chio/Chios.


Sicily-Naples royal banners

royal sicily set

Sicily-Naples Ferran II late era units

ferran II late units set

Sicily - Catalan barons

sicilian barons catalans

Sicily - Neapolitan barons

sicilian napolitan barons

Papal States general and cavalry

papal states cavalry

Papal States - Savelli, Orsini, Colonna, Gaetani

Papal States Latium nobility

Ferrara - d'Este, Contrari, Boiardi, Rangoni


Late era Ferrara - d'Este, da Correggio, Contrari

late large ferrara

Florentine mercenaries

florentine mercenaries 1448 set

Black Bands Mercenaries - Giovanni de Medici (also known as Giovanni delle Bande Nere)


Venice and Venetian mercenaries - Bartolomeo Colleoni

jurcek flag venetian colleoni

venetian colleoni

Venice and Venetian mercenaries - Bourbon, del Monte

venice bourbondelmonte

Late XVth century - early XVI century flags: Gonzaga, Malatesta, Venice, Sicily-Naples

sized flag lates

Malatesta mercenary banners

ms3d flags malatesta

Francesco Sforza banners

sforza banners

Braccheschi mercenary company

bracceschi set

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