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A summary of progress in True Stalker’s development up to May 2020.

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True Stalker — May status report

The creators of True Stalker are happy to deliver you a status report for May!

Currently, we are focused on creating side quests, both our own and ones submitted to us by the Eastern community. Even with an extensive main storyline, having secondary quests is vital, as they offer players the chance to understand events in the game world on a deeper level and introduces them to other stalkers’ stories. Side quests create a more lively world in which NPCs don’t just perform songs and tell jokes by the campfire but also have their own tale to tell.

As we’ve stated previously, a custom weapon pack for True Stalker is being assembled. Perhaps not as quickly as we’d have liked, but progress has been made. Another area of work we’ll mention is the interface and UI elements; our task does not lie in just replacing textures and slightly editing the positioning of elements but rather making an entirely new type of interface from scratch, the likes of which have never been seen before in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modding. Making this come true requires a great effort on the part of artists and especially the game engine programmer. This has been the reason behind the prolonged development, and we hope the final result will please you.

As of recently, all weather cycles have been finished. Both clear and overcast weather will be featured, with several skybox and lighting variations. Certain aspects still require tweaking and finalizing, but overall, the graphics are close to their final state.

Though the main part of the mod is done (storyline, levels, voiceover, music, graphics), many things are in need of polishing. For example, we’d like to refine certain particle effects used in the main storyline. If any readers wish to help us with those, we’ll be very grateful!

We'll continue our work, and we thank you for your interest and anticipation of True Stalker! See you next time.


Awesome work guys! Keep it up :)

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Sounds really good - thanks!

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Great to hear the main part of the game is finished!

Wish you all the best

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Fantastic news! Keep up the amazing work!

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Looks good.
I am looking forward to see the finished result.

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Looks amazing, just one question, any plans to replace old hands with new models? Or at least new textures? :)

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Kostov Author

There are plans for that, yes.

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