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Finally we are launching the new game version 1.0.25a, check out what has changed.

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Finally we're launching officially the game version 1.0.25a! This patch includes many changes, the minimap system, a lot of bug fixes and some new monster graphics.

I'd like to thank LordHannu for joining our team, now you can see his amazing drawings in the game. soon, I will post many screenshots of the in-game monsters he drew.

Here is a link to LordHannu's deviantart: LordHannu's DeviantArt
New version Screenshots:

The Return of Magic Online Version 1.0.25a

The Return of Magic Online Version 1.0.25a

The Return of Magic Online Version 1.0.25a

The Return of Magic Online Version 1.0.25a

Changes in 1.0.25a:
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a major problem that disconnected the whole server after a battle
- Fixed some security problems with the client-server interaction
- Fixed client-server sync in battle
- Fixed some mouse movement problems
- Fixed a major bug that created a very high memory usage

New Development:
- Now the cursor changes color to red when its above an interactive object
- Added a new Welcome Screen Dialog
- Added a Preview of the Outfits in item list and shop
- Added a New Minimap Feature
- Added new monsters graphics (Thanks to LordHannu)

Game Balances:
- Changed Big Spider's Web chance to paralyze from 20% to 35%
- Increased exp obtained in battle for parties (based on party average level)
- Removed Gold Dropping when player disconnects or loses battle**

**: This is a temporary measure while a item/gold storage system is not present

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