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Prepare for new Heroes, minor updates, Minas Morgul spellbook and more...

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The new version isn't far from release!

As in the times of Angmar's fall Rohan didn't exist, the faction Men is reduced to Gondor. No Rohirrim in the stables, no Rohan heroes, Ithilien spearmen instead of Rohan spearmen. As the planned campaign (not in this version yet) will be mainly about the siege of Minas Ithil, the Gondorian heroes are: Idril, Castamir, Talion, King Eärnur. They are based on the Shadow of war characters.

There is a new speed system: heavy(upgradable) infatry is slow, light infantry, such as Ithilien spearmen, goblin warriors or dunlendings, cannot be upgraded but therefore are faster. All archers are medium speed or faster. I'm not sure how balanced will it be so feel free to let me know in the comments (when you have tried it). (Well dwarves are untouched because they're all slow and tanky ;))

There will be also new spellbook for Minas Morgul and probably a change in the Men's spellbook.

And of course some minor updates (such as renaming Chill Soul to Black breath)

Stay tuned!


The Barrows and their Wights

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