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I added the TRITON class bomber to the game. See the pictures...

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I added the TRITON class bomber to the game, a spacecraft larger than a fighter but still very maneuverable and fast. Armed with 4 cannon mounings and ventral bomb launcher, this vehicle has the firepower to take on the large Gunships and destroy sub-systems and turrets of even larger capital ships.

into the battle 2 into the battle 1

The internal magazine contains various types of anti-capital-ship-missiles, bombs and special devices.
However, the ship is not able to use guided anti-fighter-missiles and must rely on its heavy laser armament.

Additionally, here is an overview of the three spacecraft ready so far:

Hangar 1

More news to follow...


ow yeah, great stuff ^^! gunner seats and more lazers in the future? still following :3

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