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Taken place during the Galatic Civil War in 9ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn leads a campaign and takes a fleet to the volcanic planet Qat Chrystac for an offensive strike against the New Republic.

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-General Info-

A Medium Space map

- Adding more Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruisers on the map.

-Map Shots-

New Republic FleetQatChrystac 1

Imperial Fleet QatChrystac 2

A shot of Qat Chrystac QatChrystac 3

-Extra Info-

- MC80a, and MC80b cruisers added into this map.

- the ISD "Dominator" Interdictor- class Star Destroyer added in the background.


wow this is so cool

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Looks pretty and pink XD

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K Wings, but no E wings? :(

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Delta327 Author

Thats because ewing will be in another map.

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