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More polishing with this new holiday patch, lot's of updated artwork a new Kuna Module and floating background debris!

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Patch Notes December 26th
First off, BIG NEWS! Trigger Saint is now on GREENLIGHT! Come on by and vote for your fave game! Originally I was going to wait a few months until I had the funds for Greenlight but thanks to a loved one this was made possible much sooner! A new piece of equipment has been purchased for the studio, The "Cintiq 13 HD" Wacom art tablet! This will make it easier to push out new content much faster than before,expect to see some great things very soon!
I am very excited for the future of Trigger Saint and I hope you are too! Enjoy the patch AND Happy Holidays!

-Added new sound effects for enemy weapons. -NUM keys can no longer be used for items. -Changed sound effects for Saint's primary and secondary fire. -Omega Blades animations have been updated. -Floating background debris added to levels 1-4. -Updated the first boss design, he looks a little different now. -Updated Skill Screen artwork. -Player movement has been tweaked a bit.

What to expect in the next patch -"Kuna Musket Kits" with these kits you will be able to alter the look of your Kuna musket! -"Secret rooms and locations", further exploration will reveal secret areas and hidden rooms. -New enemy types, New bosses and new items -Options and Credits screens.

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