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Big changes to Kuna Modules and a complete make-over for Saint in this 1.11 patch.

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Trigger Saint 1.11 Patch Notes

I will be changing the way Kuna Modules work in Trigger Saint, I myself and others found that they used their primary attack and secondary attack much more that Kuna Modules.
I want Modules to be worth keeping, and worth it in battle. Rather than modules adding new attacks they will now act as a passive modifier for either Saint's primary or secondary attack.
This will also build on the "play how you want" style of Trigger Saint, players can get rid of modifiers they don't like and can keep ones they like depending on their play style.

-Added the "Kuna Musket Evolution System" With more kills Saint's musket will change in appearance.
-Removed Musket Modules for the time being so the new changes to them can be made.
-Level two has now been shut down to prepare for the full release.
-All levels will now have a boss battle.
-Added an all new boss battle to level one.
-Level one now has it's own portal switches.
-Updated artwork for old journals and floor mats.
-Removed "Floater" enemies.
-Updated enemy projectiles.
-Updated Saint's design, He is looking sharp!
-Updated Trigger Saint title screen and box art, also looking sharp!
-Added new smoke animations and objects.
-Tweaked enemy movement and AI.

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