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Some new graphics options and many more changes in this 1.10 patch.

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Trigger Saint Patch Notes 1.10 January 6th

-Added v-sync on/off option in the in-game options menu.
-Added windowed mode and full screen mode into options, the screen can now be re-sized by the player.
-If you are having trouble with lag in-game press escape button while in-game and turn off v-sync, this may help with lag but still could cause screen tearing. V-sync and windowed mode are still being tested out and there are still bugs.
-Added two new enemy types, one for lvl three and one for lvl four.
-Saint will no longer shoot to the right when facing the left after a spirit charge.
-Spirit mines now cost 10 spirit to cast, their explosion radius is also a tad smaller.
-Spirit orb pick-ups have been removed.
-Mouse cursor now lights up when hovering over menu text.
-Fixed Saint sprite problems.
-Added options and Credits screens-Pressing ESC now brings up the in-game menu.
-Fixed gap in walls problem.
-Added new sound effects for enemy weapons.
-NUM keys can no longer be used for items.
-Changed sound effects for Saint's primary and secondary fire.
-Omega Blades animations have been updated.
-Floating background debris added to levels 1-4.
-Updated the first boss design, he looks a little different now.
-Updated Skill Screen artwork.-Player movement has been tweaked a bit.
-Azerty and lefty options will be added soon, I want to make sure the primary controls are polished first.

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