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The new Trials of Malvegil project will create a new adventure map for Lone Wolf centred around a Dunedain Ranger called Malvegil as he searches for Aragorn. This map will greatly change gameplay going from a RTS style game into a an Adventure/RPG type game. Take quests,Kill Orcs find the truth. Only for Lone Wolf.

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I have today begun production on a new side project for Lone Wolf called Trials of Malvegil.

Trials of Malvegil will be an adventure/RPG style map for Lone Wolf telling some of Malvegil's story.
The story takes place a few years before Frodo left the shire when Aragorn was hunting Gollum.

The map starts off in a small secret settlement of the Dunedain in the North of Middle-Earth near Angmar. Malvegil had lived in this area in his youth but was away for many years protecting the Shire and Bree as well as working to keep Eriador free of Evil creatures. He returns to his old home to find the area has become taken over by Orcs who at anytime could stumble across the secret town.
Deciding to clear the lands of Orcs he prepares to attack some of the nearby Orc camps by himself.
But before he could leave he receives a message that Aragorn is in the area and was suppose to report in but has failed to. Worried Malvegil sets out to find Aragorn.

In this map he'll cover different types of environments and various types of Orcs from different clans on the way he seeks to lessen the threat to the nearby area.

Exclusive Features include:

  • Quests
  • A higher level cap for Malvegil (40)
  • New ways of training abilities.
  • Some items used for healing etc may also be made.
  • The map is rather large with regions to explore.

Some information about this map

  • The size is a huge 600 square map.
  • The terrain is vast and varied with Snow capped peaks in the north,Orc camps (a few of those),the pleasant Hill lands,Baladin (your main base),Taur nu Ithil ,Taur Anor and others.
  • There are multiple towns and outposts in this map to heal in and obtain new quests.
  • Baladin - your starting point a dwelling of the Dunedain of Arnor.
  • Man Town (no name yet) - a small human town that will be an important place being in middle of the map.
  • Ashton - A small village hidden (this will be a secret)
  • ElBalad (temp name for the Elf Town - hidden in Taur nu Ithil (which means Forest under Moon) a small settlements of Elves live.
  • Naurburg - a small abandoned fort in the Mountain region holding it as an outpost are the Dwarves.

Some of the other areas are

  • Wolflands - a rocky region very hostile to life somehow the Wolves and Wargs of Sauron live here.
  • Burz Guarsh - A small Orc Camp located East of Baladin
  • Cur Thraror - a larger Orc Camp led by the fearsome Orc Orzgar
  • Ongkar - another large Orc camp North of Cur Thraror the Orcs here are tougher
  • Gurtha Carang - yet another Orc Camp in the north in a rocky area some high level quests will be here.
  • Mountains of Angmar - part of the Mountain chain this is the largest region in the map.
  • In this region there are small Orc outposts,Trolls and all kinds of very strong Orcs.

This map will have quite a few custom units and items.

  • The Orcs will be custom as will the bosses and most other random creatures.
  • Malvegil will have 40 levels as will some bosses.
  • The Orcs aren't in hordes and are pretty tough.
  • There will be bosses to defeat for quests that will drop items.

I am currently working on developing an advanced ability customisation system. Essentially you'll be able to choose which abilities Malvegil has in each slot. There will be multiple slots with different types of attacks and spells ie blademaster style abilities or wound arrow types. The player will be able to choose from multiple different abilities for each ability slot. I may even have preset specs so that you can change him around on the go. The ability system is still in it's infancy so it will take time for me to do properly.

I have some screenshots for show today. These screenshots are a long way off finished but they'll give you an idea of the types of terrain you'll be playing in.

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