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The demo of TRI was updated so it now reflects all the changes of the latest version 0.3.0 (codename "MagicalMonk").

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Ye olde Demo level

If you want to know if TRI is the game for you, just get the demo! We already had this one for quite a while, but only now it was updated so all changes from the latest version of TRI (named "MagicalMonk") are included.

Ye olde Demo level Ye olde Demo level

The new features and bugfixes, which are also visible in the demo, include the following:

  • Fixed the inverted mouse axis option (broke with 0.2.1)
  • Tweaked creation of a triangle by always showing the black lines - right click to stop creating a triangle
  • Added visual and acoustical feedback when a triangle can't get deleted because it supports other triangles
  • Added button in pause menu for restarting the current level
  • Fixed visual bug with transparent objects not visible in front of fog
  • Added some post effects, like contour lines and sharpen (still needs tweaking)
  • Added possibility to change controls in the options menu
  • Fixed (by Unity Technologies) visual bug with texture atlas shader under OpenGL, i.e. Mac and Linux
  • Tweaked teleportation effect
  • Added new textures and decorations
  • Added animated monk and another character to some of the earlier levels

Of course, the full version of TRI has much more changes and additions.

Ye olde Demo level Ye olde Demo level

Don't forget that you can vote for us on Greenlight! :-)


Does the demo include Linux binaries?

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Yes! Its always included.

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Perfect, then I'm going to download it and try in Linux.
Thanks a lot!

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