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basic overview to let people know of the return of trek wars...

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Ive been putting doing this off for a few days, but sinse ive got nothing better to post here goes...
Trek Wars has returned, with new ships and news...

to quote RazielKanos
"I don't want to bore you with lots of blabla, so here's the short version...

We got new models from a close friend who helped us out already in Trek Wars 1. We're going to use his, and have been working on them lately to give them textures and make them look great for the game. Additional to that we have a brand new set of particle effects ready for the mod.

All we need to do is finish the rigging on the models and we can go beta. I'll post some pics of the new ships here as i finish them, so you'll keep up to date with new stuff from now on...

hope to see you in the beta soon :) "

So go check out the new ships ->
and the news and other info,please track the mod ->

Also, there is another new Trek mod thats just started up
it called Star Trek Complex ->
Its done by the same guys who did the B5 mod listed at the top, and uses a lot of the models from the model addons



when will sci-fi @ war have the trek faction with AI? because in skirmishes the trek faction does nothing

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Spinobreaker Author

on mine it works, i have no idea why it doesn't on others
All i cna suggest is make sure FOC is up to date

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Mine works as well, though the older version has an error in the xml codes that causes that.

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