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The thrid major update of the game: 9 new craftable items (including 4 new weapons), 2 new enemies, 2 new playable crimes, a completely new explorable level and the expansion of the crafting mechanic. Plus the Android version is now available on the Amazon App Store.

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Hello! I'm pleased to announce the released of the third beta of Trapped in the Sky. This has been just under two months in the making and just like the last beta, this one is pretty full of new things to play with.

So What's new?
In short there are: 9 new craftable items (including 4 new weapons), 2 new enemies, 2 new playable crimes, a completely new explorable level and the expansion of the crafting mechanic.

Here's the new trailer for the game showing the features:

Trapped in the Sky - Beta Three - Release Trailer - Indie DB

The PC and Linux versions are available via and they can be picked up here:

One of the things arriving with this beta is the release of the Android version on Amazon. The Android version is identical to the PC and Linux versions and is intended to be played on tablets rather than mobiles due to the sprite sizes.

Here's a video of the Android version in action:

The long verion:

Another new mechanic has been implemented: the Crafting mechanic. While 'hacks' enables the player to make special items when they find the recipe and the standard items needed, the crafting mechanic enables to player to modify standard items by combining them with other standard items. Unlike 'hacks' the player can craft right from the get go. For example, combining a Data item with the Datapad will reveal a random section within the datapad. At least four other crafting combinations have been implemented in this beta, but I am not going to tell you what the rest are, you'll have to experiment with the mechanic.

9 new 'Hacks' recipes, including four special weapons
The last beta introduced the 'hack' mechanic where special items can be made from the standard items you collect. This beta expands the number of useable hack by 9 by adding:
'Skill Tonic' hack - gives you perfect shooting accuracy for 90 seconds.
'Auto Shotgun' hack - makes a shot gun that fires like an automatic rifle.
'Electro Handgun' - makes an hand gun with electric damage. It can also open closed doors when you fire this gun at them.
'Field Scanner' hack - makes a tool that increases the number of items found when searching. This can be combined with the 'smuggler' crime.
'Exploding Bullets' hack - makes bullets that do double the damage.
'Laser Rifle' hack - makes a rifle gun that uses power cells as ammo.
'Flame thrower' hack - makes a flame thrower (obviously) that uses fuel as ammo.
'EnviroSuit' hack - makes a suit that allows player to access failed sections. If you have made this item, the game will not end if the escape pod section fails.
'Omni Tool' hack - makes an item that can fully repairs a section.

Two new playable Crimes
The 'Smuggling' crime can be unlocked by completing the game while carrying over 100 items. Playing as a convicted smuggler increases the loot you recieve when searching objects.
The 'Robbery' crime can be unlocked by completing the game having unlocked over 100 doors by using lock-picks. The lock-picked door total can be accumulated over multiple play-throughs. Playing as a convicted robber allows you to open all doors without the need for keys or lock picks.

Breakable Items
Some collectable items now break. Or more specifically keys will break after a number of uses. My intension is to extend this mechanic to other objects, such as the guns, but I haven't implement that yet.

Two new Enemy types
The 'Guard' NPC type. What kind of prison ship would be void of guards? Not this one. These enemies are always armed and will also attack other inmate NPCs.
The 'RoboSpider' NPC type. What kind of sci-fi game would be void of robo-spiders? Not this one. Like the guards, these enemies are always armed.

A New Explorable Level - The Bridge section
This new explorable section is different to the previous explorable sections in that you cannot access the whole section. By this I mean that you can only explore the left half of the section by entering by the left hand doors, and the right half by the right hand doors. The section is also unique, so that it will only appear once in a map.

A few other visual and audio features have been added such as:
- Cloth, Stone and Wood footstep sounds when walking on carpet, stone and wooden floors.
- 8 searchable items: Kitchen sink, Hob, Bathroom sink, Double bed, 2x plants, gunrack, 4x ward beds, operating table.
- Visual echos have been added to indicate the location of unseen NPCs.
- Blood pools have been added where old dead bodies lie.
- Exit arrows added to levels to show where the exits are.

[Full Change Log]
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