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Translation which i wanna give U to make it more comfortable.

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All of changes list is quite long:

- Full signs rebalanced,signs now are faster,bigger and much more deadly
- Full crafting rebalanced
- Increased stash to 1250(U can think i'm crazy but it's very fast to get 1250...)
- The basic HP level doubled(giving only higher chance to survive on start of the game)
- High endurance regen and high HP rengen on start of game
- Chance to bleed,poision and knockdown target increased(few %)
- Toxity is good (added new effects to poisioning ex higher chance to
instant kill and increased damage when Geralt is poisioned)
- All skills increased
- Auto contr-attack when we are pressing block and enemy aren't around us and we having place for do it
- Almost deadly contr-attacks
- Bonus for the damage for undead and human
- Bonus to instant killing enemy
- Shops now are having much ingridients
- Better damage with throw weapons
- Added chance to received mutagens when u create potions and addded chance to get mutagens
- Toxity reduced in time (U dont need to meditate)
- Traps now are cheaper
- Very quickly battles with the signs

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