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Extended video of the current level design with some updates compared to the last dev blog.

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So, last time we talked about how we adapt the vision from our moodboard into the level design. There was some pretty technical stuff going on in the article, and I thought - maybe you’d like to see how this will look now that we started implementing it.

What has changed compared to the first impression of the level:

  • Lava has been removed to give the deep sea canyons a darker, more mystical glow
  • Sunken cities and streets fill the level
  • Fish are roaming the cities (nasty little biters)
  • Glowing plants light up the area

Remember our newsentry about the different movement types?
We got a lot of great feedback from you and decided to create a new prototype with some of the ideas you shared with us. Stay tuned as we will show a video of the new version in the next dev blog.

Also, I’d love to show you more videos from the development process just to break up the text-heavy posts a little – what would you like to see? Some sort of time-lapse from our concepts? The Asset workflow? Development with Unreal? Or just tell me if there is anything you’re sick of seeing, I’ll try avoiding that. Or how about an insanely long post about time tracking with jira?


The colors. The lighting. All looks beautiful. =)

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Lemonsponge Author

thanks! I'll tell the level designers they did good :D (finally time to let them out of the cellar again)

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