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First part of the Fjodorovs Chronicles. Translated by Ezarik

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Week one.
So ... what did we do this week?
So many things. Especially in the last couple of days. We destroyed an entire army ..... The Enemy acolytes still can’t comprehend it. Admiral Belladonna, (A manly feminine, as we called her among friends), brought a good armada. She arrived with a large number of frigates. They weren’t like heavy ships used by Dark ‘Lyne many were manoeuvrable high-speed ships bearing missile weaponry. As you know, last month, the troops of the Belladonna plundered the twelve shipyards of the Roflings and have since produced these classy little vessels. We met with her in the Sephiroth system. The Council of Castellans transferred control of the Thunderer to me. Although this craft lacks speed, without a doubt it can be rightly called one of the strongest cruisers of the Rebellion. Its forward length exceeds twenty kilometres. A real mobile citadel. Zoran concealed these technologies well, hiding them even from the Karadzhios. Our enemy Dark 'Lyne once planned on using this ship in her wars with the disobedient .... However... This ship has now become my flagship. The chief gave orders for us to defeat the Forward Fleet of the Dead Head. Lothar Khrenofling had sent fifty ships to the Sephiroth system to punish the local population. As it turned out, their slaves did not tolerate their presence long. The army of the Hecatonhairs, quartered on the Sephiroth-Prim, raised a rebellion ... It was necessary to repay them well, but the good works of the Zoran always have forebears. Rofling immediately sent an expedition to conquer the planet. But they were no longer there. Belladonna and I met near Annapurna, the satellite of Sephiroth-Prim. And when Roflings flotilla emerged from their "wormhole", it immediately encountered our armada. first Belladonna sent in her fleet’s frigates and in less than a minute, the forward line of Dead Head ships turned into a heap of debris. Then my dear flagship "Thunderer" came forward. I stood on the bridge and shouted out orders while maintaining communication with the rest of the fleet. It was believed that the "Blacksmith" lacked manoeuvrability, but as it turned out, the ships armour and shields can even withstand the enemy’s nuclear torpedoes. My ship passed through the line of enemy sailors, like a knife through oil. The ships didn’t even have time to turn around. "Thunderer" went to ramming speed and simply broke their formation. Then they released their new locust class drones. Those things were quite a nuisance, but after three hours of battle, the Rofling ships were attempting to retreat. Five vessels immediately dived into the "molehill". The rest did not have time. The chief personally ordered the destruction of them all. We did not take prisoners. One of the enemy captains, a gross and sluggish hecatonhair in a black uniform, sent a message to our flagship. He begged for mercy. But we did not answer, instead we unleashed our drones on his ship. We shot them all to pieces. Even the life-saving capsules were destroyed. As a result, no one was left alive. The battle was won ... Rofling's fleet is completely defeated. However, I would not be surprised if the captains of those few ships who successfully retreated, personally come to know the wrath of Lothar and his necromancers. surly, Rofling is already impaling their heads on stakes. We all know what Dark 'Lyne does to cowards. Though ... in our army with alarmists and weaklings are dealt with by worse means. But I do not feel any pity for the Dark ’Lyne dogs. They deserved their death. They are nothing but the servants of tyrants, wanting only glory. They don’t care about ordinary people. And that's why, they deserve to die. It's a pity, I didn’t get to see it myself. But ... enough about this. It is done. Sephiroth-Prim is released. We quickly flew to the surface and spent half a day with Belladonna loading the ships with former slaves. Now they are free people. We saved them all from the cruel bondage of slavery. Glory to Zoran! Now they praise him ... and not that bastard calling himself, the Greatest of the Freaks ... or the Gods. I do not know, I never liked this Dark heresy. With pleasure I fired at the ruins of the temples once dedicated to the evil deity of our enemies. We made the free slaves our warriors and they willingly agreed to stand on the side of their saviour Zoran. I spent a long time looking at their faces ... In their exhausted and haggard faces. The look in their eyes spoke volumes. The “greatest” of the Gods and his followers have broken many lives. But we will repair them ... We will mend the damage he has inflicted. And from now on, they will all serve the cause of freedom. Freedom and Zoran.

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