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I doubt i'll be able to kick out as many news pieces as I have been previously, seeing as i'm soon to be moving onto the mapping of MyWorld's surface. Nethertheless, some news on history is to be had. :)

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Been a while since I write one of these, eh? Well, here's the low down...

Basically, I bought a Laptop, then the screen fizzled out and I've sent it back, which is what has happened the last two weeks. Now i'm waiting for that to be sent back so I can get back onto the mapping, because this PC just can't handle the terrain rendering any more - it really is that bad a PC.
So rather than sitting on my hands and waiting, I've turned my eye back to the History Module, where we see that I have a number of "Descendants" to do.

Now, "Descendants" is what I give to the name of previous rulers for all states in MyWorld. The Ghuls, for example, have 17 Provinces, and 750 years of history and live for 30-50 years. So that's quite a few names I need to come up with!
But, if any of you read up on the history of the Ghuls, you'll know that the country only fractured from one giant "empire" into the 17 Provinces (Or technically, nations) around year 640SE, so it really isn't that much work for 16 of the provinces.

In fact, I finished the Ghul Dujakide just yesterday, whereas Pedro then archived them into the CerriaWiki. I think Dujakide will be our page of the week!

I'm also doing a redo of the Neonni language, for the most part, because it's never really sat well with me because the language is far too varied and very hard to speak, in its current state.

Oh, also, I've done a little progress on the "Sicknesses" of MyWorld, which can be seen here.

But alas, the bittersweet taste of transitions is upon us. Because with MyWorld I will soon be making a thousand-plus terrains, there won't be much to write news on for a good number of months whilst I make those.
I intend to model a hundred terrains then "seam" them together, then go over them all and texture them, before moving onto the next hundred. I think that will work quite finely.

But, this doesn't mean you can't follow MyWorld's Progress! I plan to do a revamp of the site - once more, I know - and make it a little more interesting, rather than the one-page "Link Hub" it currently is.
On the front page of MyWorld's Forum, there is a news block just below the shoutbox where I will be updating my DevBlog as development happens. With my DevBlog, you see, I can write as little or as much as I like, as opposed to making a pitifully-sized "news" piece with a big pretty icon, such as ModDB's news feed.
Not only that, but it updates as soon as I hit "Submit", as opposed to ModDB's waiting time, which to their credit can be from three hours to two days, depending on when I post it. But because I'm from England, I tend to post news just as they go off to sleep!

Anyway, I'm witttling now.
Basically, I'll be updating MyWorld's "DevBlog" section as development happens, and I'll be updating ModDB's news if anything big happens; such as finishing my first hundred terrains, or completing a module, as I have done in the past.

So! I'll see you on the forum, till next time, ModDB-ers!1

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Great ;-)

It's good to know about progress done =)

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Hey thats good news! The progress is in the next stage,so the release date is nearing.Well very slowly, but it's nearing.I'm looking forward to seeing some screenshots.

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Azkanan Author

The screenshots will probably all look alike for the next couple of months, as I go about rendering and shaping land. Once I hit 100, though, I'll be moving onto texturing.
But nethertheless, they will be in-editor shots, so the graphics won't be that amazing - not to mention we still need to model the trees and such. Would be real helpful to find a decent 3D Graphic Design Artist.

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Unity is WYSIWYG. Your In-Editor shots, unless you mess with the settings to make it otherwise, will look like your in-game shots.

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