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this is how all fallen jedi should be trained by . note there are 7 steps in training .

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step 1 . History
-instruct your students the history of the fallen jedi . From how it started , to how we got the name .

step 2 . Saber combat
-instruct students the 7 forms of lightsaber combat . the allow them to chose a style of dueling . note that they can master as many forms of combat as they choose .this step leads to step 3 .Also when practicing forms of saber combat make sure to let your student use only a vibroblade , not a light saber

step 3 . Construct your lightsaber
-a fallen jedi like other jedi and sith must know how to construct a lightsaber . let them practice building one before building their own one . A light saber needs a energy emmiter , focusing lense , a hilt , and a crystal .

step 4 . force powers
-your apprentice must know 4 basic powers . Force push , pull ,heal , and burst of speed . when they advance ranks then they can learn more force powers .

step 5 . practice dueling and practice force powers
-the more times your apprentice practice their dueling and force powers , the more powerful they get .Encourage them to use their abilities as often as possible .

step 6 . missions
-Send your apprentice out to worlds to investigate crime , or to aid in battle . when they have completed 2 task , and all the other steps , the will become a fallen jedi knight and the knight training the apprentice will become a master .

step 7 . make history ( optional )
-note this step is not required but encourage your student to make an good impact on the future fallen jedi history .

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