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Trailer of Urban Fantasy and introduction of the first two main characters and enemies!

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to introduce myself as "blamethepoet" and well... that's all you need to know about me for now. But let's go straight to the point.

I'm writing this article today to introduce you the first, hastily made, trailer of Urban Fantasy. Personally, I hope you can feel the "urban" inside it from songs, backgrounds etc... though I have to say much work needs to be done and it lasts just a minute.
This trailer features the two main characters able to handle the "Psycho" type of magic, allowing them to use their mind power to materialize weapons or shields against threats.
The main enemies created for now are slimes (there's no rpg without them, it's true), Psycho Students, Policemen (Sword and Machinegun type).

Let me know your impressions about it.

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