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A short trailer for the game and the announcement of a playable demo in the near future.

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Hey friends!

I just released a short trailer of the game (you'll find it in the videos tab), so check it out and tell me what you think. I've tried to capture the excitement and quick-thinking that you get when playing a match, and hopefully leave you wanting to see more.

You may notice a few differences from the first gameplay video:

Jungle camps - There are now jungle camps branching off the path which hold 'jungle-jellies'. Kill these jungle-jellies and you get a small cash injection as well as a double damage buff for theunit who got the killing blow. The jellies respawn every minute, on the minute.
Upgrades - Four types of team upgrades exist, each of which costs 5 gold per increase. The upgrades are increased health, increased damage, faster gold acquisition and faster firing towers.

No timer - There is no longer a countdown, and to win the game you must capture all six barrels from the enemy. I feel this prevents people from 'holding back'.

Increased speed - the game now runs at 1.5x the speed of the original video, which makes it faster paced and more panic-ridden (an obvious end goal... the more panic the better).

Heroes and side paths - Heroes now exist! They cost quite a lot of gold and you can only have one out at a time, but their abilities make them hugely powerful and adaptable. They take time to summon and your opponent knows they are coming so the timing requires some strategy, but luckily they can move between lanes at their whim. Oh, heroes will also stay in play until they die, even if they reach the other end of the field.

Since I've implemented all those features, I feel like the Family Sasquatch versus Cat Conglomerate battle is about where I want it to be. What I need now is some feedback on how the game plays, balance issues, bugs etc. so to that end I will be releasing a hotseat-playable demo very soon. Let me know if you're interested as I would really appreciate the feedback!

Rhys (a Complete Hack)

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