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This is a short story that took place during the events of the Early Years of the Earth Imperial War during the Fall of Earth, which led to the down fall and destruction of the entire United States Midwest, along with an entire Army from both the United States and Canada.

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The Battle of Ford, was one of the most bloodiest Engagements in the first Years of the Earth Imperial War, during the Fall of Earth, and the Imperial Invasion of Earth, that was fought between May 1st, 2020 up until August 17th, 2020, in which the United States Military struggled desperately to hold onto Ford County Michigan, that was claimed to have been the final strong hold left in the United States in the Mid West, Despite having a valiant defense while also using the high ground and plenty of artillery for cover, while also being reinforced by the Canadians, the Empire broke through on August 17th, 2020 when AT-AT's were deployed into the region where despite multiple efforts by the United States Airforce and Canadian air force nothing could be done to stop the Empire.

The Battle left the entire region scarred for the years to come, as the one beautiful forests around Ford County were devastated, and left dead following the bloody engagement.

Toward the end of Ford, the United States and Canadians retread across Lake Hunrun, as Canada was already on the verge of being conquered that same day by the Galactic Empire.

The survivors of Ford County were tragically hunt down and destroyed by Imperial Tie Interceptors while attempting to escape the Conquered Midwest, out of 40,000 US and Canadian forces that retreated from the Midwest, 0 would survive in Lake Hunrun. The Battle of Ford would forever be known, as the Tragedy of Ford County, or the Lake Hunrun Massacre.

The Fall of Ford County led to the Empire's complete conquering of 89 percent of the United States, leaving only the Western Coastal States along with parts of the Southwest left in American Control, Canada was devastated 6 days later on August 22nd of that same year in 2020.

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