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Brief update on what we have been working this week.

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Hello and welcome to our weekly update. [2018-01-08 > 2018-01-14]

This week we have been working on the next features of the game:

Show text when player health change (red for damage, green for healing).

Text animation while receiving damage or heal

This feature is kinda important for us because our damage will be based on which gear we have equipped. We always want to see how much damage we deal or receive in order to feel that our hard-earned gear it's doing something.

This feature will be used too for state changes like stuns, slows, buffs etc...

Skill cool downs server authoritative.


This feature was coded last week but we have had to refactor it a bit. It was really buggy. When you spammed all the skills at the same time, some became unavailable !. Now cool downs are handled totally on server side so clients can't bug it up :).

Skills showed in this GIF are placeholders, but you get the idea.

Death log


We also coded a first version of Death log. Simple yet effective! (looks like player 1 is getting owned a bit). That's done by implementing a "broadcast system" on server side, which will inform all the players when someone kills/dies. This system will be used to track all the in game events too.


Our map:


Our Pie machine:




And that's it for this week, hope you like it!

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