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An overview of all the areas the game will feature, and the basic game play explained.

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Adventurers Management Guild is a business running simulator. You're in the business of managing adventurers. Many of them have poor job prospects and will do just about anything for work.

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In order to support your adventurers, there are several areas within in the town you can use.

Your home
Your adventurers idle here when they're not on a mission. You can change their equipment, and purchase upgrades for them to train with while they idle. Your stock broker will also idle here after being hired.

upgraded home


Sells basic items, also the deeds that open up later areas for your use.

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King's Keep
If you're ever in a pinch, the King will lend you what you need. He doesn't mind, after all, the more loans you have the easier it'll be for him and his goons to reposes your house when you lose the game.

king's keep

Adventure Hall
Here you send your adventurers off to hunt for treasure (more info on how party setup works coming soon) and receive their progress reports.

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Farm and Quarry
current picturesquarry

The deeds for both areas are available in the shop. Your adventurers will often bring back seeds and rocky nodes. The seeds will grow into basic cooking materials when left at the farm, the speed depending on how many farmers you can afford. Any rocky nodes can be left at the quarry, which your miners will crack open to find basic crafting materials.

Kitchen and Crafting Center
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The deeds for both become available after the farm and quarry have been bought. The kitchen will turn your cooking materials into a food of your choice that you can either sell or use to feed your adventurers while they're out on a mission. The crafting takes crafting materials and turns them into weapons and armor. You can either sell the new full pieces, give them to your adventurers, or hold onto them.

Science lab

Available after the kitchen and crafting center deeds have been bought. Use the power of science to create powerful items from thin air.

Mysterious Portal
mysterious portal

Also available after the kitchen and crafting center deeds have been bought. Finished food items and crafted armor and weapons can be fed to the portal to create buffs and debuffs that affect all adventurers in all dungeons, even if they work for an enemy employer.


Your idle adventurers can be sent to fight strong opponents for a chance to receive experience or items, and also a confidence boost.


tracking hope to try it soon!

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