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The game was reviewed by going over every detail.

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The review is going over every detail including the gameplay experience, and suggesting some major updates to the game. It was made by a Command and Conquer and Total Annihilation fan who pointed out the pros and cons of the game making it clear that the game 'is screaming for a tutorial'.

The original review:


" Having played way to many RTS games that featured world war scenarios, it was refreshing to play an rts game that had a futuristic neon style to it."

"Tower Commodore has a really big learning curve, maybe too big for most people."

"There is a lot to be enjoyed here but I believe the biggest drawback for this game are the people that want to jump in and start blowing up some enemies"

"once you get the hang of the controls and -honestly this only took me 5-10 min-, I had a lot of fun"

"Selecting units and putting them on the map was also a very welcoming experience and I would like to see this in more rts games, the graphics style definitely helped in making selecting units better..."

"In the end, this a hard game to get into, but you will be rewarded once you master the controls and you will definitely have a lot of fun!"

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