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Extreme Wolfenstein is an immersive mod. So immersive it is, that it crashes excessively. I am wirting to tell you that, first of all, the crashes will be fixed soon, and also, that versions for Spear of Destiny and the mission packs will become seperate.

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Extreme Wolfenstein, despite the lack of news, is continuing. I am in the process of carefully reviewing all aspectsof the mod and removing things that cause crashes, and also, I will be splitting this mod into multiple mods, for Spear of destiny and the Mission Packs, and also Mac Wolfenstein.

The innondation of games that will be supported or are now supported by ECWolf has caused a slight problem. There are so many abstract conditionals that need to be use to allow the mod to make changes based on what game is being played. Therefore, support for all (Wolfenstein-related) games will be acheived in the splitting of this mod into a different file for each game; Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny, the Mission Packs, and Mac Wolfenstein. The extreme differences between all these games has made it impossible to make coherent art that fits with all the various games. Therefore, I shall make variations of the mod that will work with the aforementioned games. I may make a simple (MFC) launcher to go with V4, but no promises have been yet been made.

Thanks you for your support, and as always;

Happy Modding!

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