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The South is a land of many tribes, from the people of the plains and light forests who hunt the mighty Mumakil to the folk of the inland deserts and rocky hills. From the coastal strongholds of the Men of the West to the uncertain borders of Khand in the East range a host of peoples whose might is gathering.

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Tribes of the Harad

The South is a land of many tribes, from the people of the plains and light forests who hunt the mighty Mumakil to the folk of the inland deserts and rocky hills. From the coastal strongholds of the Men of the West to the uncertain borders of Khand in the East range a host of peoples whose might is gathering.

North lies the Black Land – in the stories of the tribes, still a memory of flame and dreadful power. More terrible of late have been tales from the West, whence the Sea-kings came in years past, to dominate the coast, take captives, and break the power of the tribes. Long has lived the feud between Gondor and the Men of the South.

But now, rumour comes that the watches on the Haven of Umbar are beginning to fail, as Gondor’s soldiers sail north to fight some new foe. Corsairs and rebels are poised to pluck that prize, but for the first time in centuries the Tribes of the Harad have begun to unite, and to realize their own strength. There may be a chance to strike decisively against that foe, to push the Men of the West back into the Sea – and to see the South steer its own fate.

Tier 1

Haradwaith Tribesmen
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Haradwaith Tribesmen are eager young warriors, emboldened by the glyphs painted on their bodies and encouraged by their numbers. Fighting in desert terrain they will have some advantage over heavier and slower troops who may tire more easily, but if they cannot quickly cut down their foe they may begin to take heavy losses. Their best defense is a light shield and their speed, so they are most effective when outflanking the enemy or when rushing skirmishers or other light troops.

Desert Skirmishers
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

From behind large though light wicker shields, the Desert Skirmishers throw iron-tipped javelins towards their foes. They are most often used to thin the ranks of lightly armoured or slow foes, from whom they can safely retreat before coming under a retaliatory attack. Their lonely, desolate upbringing lends these men a hardiness rare even in the Haradrian army, and despite their lack of armour they can be used in melee combat against similarly undertrained foes. Lacking the steadfastness that military discipline instils, however, the Skirmishers will not hold their ground for long against superior enemies.

Tier 2

Southron Spears
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

These lightly armoured warriors are equipped with a wooden shield and spear and are often trusted to guard the flanks of a battle line. Many of these men have received some training, whether as caravan guards or as a militia to protect against the constant inter-tribal raids of the wild southern deserts, but they are not elites, and their middling status is reflected in their serviceable but unremarkable gear. Though their defensive line may be broken by professionals or champions - especially infantry - Southron Spears provide a chieftain with a reliable counter to the cavalry that is all too common in the armies of Khand or the Harad. Used alongside fiercer, more aggressive warriors, under good leadership these spearmen can be quite effective.

Redsand Archers
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

These desert bowmen are skilled at hiding and fighting in the dunes and scrubs of Harad's wastes. They wear light clothes to keep themselves cool, but also for speed; the heat and their need for free movement prohibits the wearing of armour, leaving speed their only defence. They are poor fighters should they enter melee combat, having only a short knife with which to defend themselves. These archers learn their trade by necessity in the scorching heat of the desert, where it is impossible to chase down prey for long periods. Thus, they can only be recruited in desert areas of Harad.

Haradwaith Riders
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

With glyphs and symbols painted in crimson upon their chests and riding on black steeds, the Haradwaith Riders cut an imposing figure in the eyes of their enemies. Their warpaint offers scant protection from an iron-tipped arrow, however, no matter how chilling its appearance. The scimitar and shield favoured by many Haradrian soldiers serve these horsemen well enough in battle, where they are most suited to cutting down other light riders or poorly armed infantry. These riders have bravery and enthusiasm in abundance, coming from the young and impetuous section of the Haradrian youth, although this is tempered somewhat by their inexperience and lack of training.

Tier 3

Spears of the Serpent
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

The Spears of the Serpent are highly disciplined and proud, equipped with quality scale armour and large shields. As some of the heavier troops available to a tribal leader of the Harad, they can prove a stubborn force for infantry and riders alike, and are a match even for the heavy cavalry of other peoples. As they are vulnerable to flank attacks, they should be supported by lighter and faster troops, while they can form a solid battle-line against the foe.

Horsemen of the Harad
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Clad in dazzling scale armour, these riders are some of the most skilled warriors of their tribe. Able to ride in close to an enemy formation, pepper the foe with javelins, and make a quick withdrawal, they are renowned for their daring. Horsemen of the Harad are armed with a sword and shield to complement their defenses, and do not shy from combat against skirmishers or lighter troops. Their versatility makes them highly esteemed by their commanders.

Tier 4

Temple Guard
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

In canyons and cliffsides hidden in the rocky deserts of the South stand temples, carved into the living stone and protected by wary and battle-hardened guardians. To whom the rites inside are offered is known by few, but tribal chieftains who desire the service of these grim and loyal men can expect to pay a price both in gold and in respect. The bronze and gold-inlaid arms and armour of these elite warriors are worth much – and so too is the skill of the warriors themselves. They are expert shots with their bone-tipped bows, and wield fine axes that are the envy of the common troops. On campaign they are stern and dependable troops, often deployed at the rear of a host to safely shoot down foes from behind the battle-line and throw themselves into the fray when the moment is right.

Redsand Cavalry
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Redsand Cavalry are swift and canny horsemen, experienced hunters and raiders of the desert. Armed with bow and spear, they can range far ahead of their host to harry approaching enemies, or skirt the flanks of a battle-line to prepare for a sudden and decisive charge. While they wear some light armour, these riders lack a shield and are not likely to endure close combat unless they can quickly rout the foe. When protected from enemy archers and heavy infantry, they can be a troublesome and surprisingly hard-hitting opponent.

Desert Guard (bodyguard unit)
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Horses are a boon to those living in the harsh desert, as they can allow men to cover long distances quickly and take their enemies by surprise. But apart from the bandits who raid this unsettled region, horses are owned only by the wealthiest tribal leaders: the fodder and water required to keep them alive and healthy is expensive indeed. The Desert Guard of Harad are therefore more than just a symbol of military strength – they are a testament in muscle, bone, and steel to his ability to acquire wealth and hold power. Protected, man and horse, with bronze armour and wielding razor-sharp swords and long spears from the saddle, these warriors owe their livelihoods to the favour of their lord, and will give those lives in repayment - but only after a fight.

Special Units

Champions of the Harad
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

From the hot lands of the Far South there come huge men, oft likened to half-trolls in stature, with white eyes and red tongues. They wield great curved blades, after the fashion of the Haradrim save their size. Even the strongest of men would struggle to wield these huge weapons, let alone swing them with such ferocity as do these Men of Far Harad. Coming from the oppressive heat of Far Harad these warriors wear little armour and little of anything else, allowing them better freedom to swing their weapons. Enemies would best not take too much comfort from this lack of protection, however: the sheer size and muscle of these mighty champions allows them to take many wounds before they are finally brought down - and usually at the expense of no few foes.

Umbar Guard
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Elite protectors of the royal buildings of the Havens of Umbar, the Guard are the finest infantry soldiers in Harad. They are equipped with bronze scaled armour, and helmets with high cheekguards that shroud their faces in dark shadow. Their finely crafted scale and tall helms are an easily visible mark of their elite status and prowess in battle. The wicked maces and strong shields of the Umbar Guard make them highly capable and flexible soldiers, versatile heavy infantry that is otherwise a rarity in the hot and humid climes of the south. Men do not rise to lofty positions in the Haradrian army without an unfailing loyalty and obedience, and these men will do whatever their commander deigns.

Black Númenóreans
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Descendants of Men of the West who became ensnared by the lies of Sauron, these dangerous warriors possess great influence in the Harad among those who worship the darkness. Though many centuries have passed since the fall of Númenor, there are still those in Umbar and across the South who remember with pride the power and dominion of the King's Men. The Black Númenóreans may have since dwindled but they remain a skilled and powerful people, capable of producing warriors every bit the equal of the hated faithful of Gondor and Arnor. Clad in black mail and wielding straight two-handed swords, the Black Númenóreans serve as heavily armed elite troops, scorning the native desert-warriors' light armour and feeble weapons and cursing their enemies as they hack them into the sand.

Southron Skirmishers
Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

These Southern warriors are lean and fast, toughened by the unforgiving lands of the far south. They wear very little armour – and only scant clothing – to compensate for the overbearing heat of their homelands, but find that the best protection, apart from their large shield, is speed. Their skills at stealth and ambush - honed over many seasons of hunting with the thrown javelin - are welcomed by any wise Chieftain of the Harad. A full volley is sufficient to thin the ranks of an approaching enemy and they are especially familiar with how to take a Mûmak down should the need arise. Young men like these seldom enjoy the luxury of a comfortable life; they are more often than not found hunting in the open scrub of Harad, where they learn how to best utilise the long grasses to shelter them from unfriendly eyes.

Tribes of the Harad Roster Preview

Save only for the Eagles these beasts are unrivalled in their size as well as their strength. Riding in towers atop the backs of the Mûmakil, javelin throwers hurl their near-limitless supply of shafts into an enemy often already filled with terror. The Mûmakil utterly ruin an enemy's morale though they themselves are hard to control as a means of attack. These beasts fear too much arrow fire, and are especially susceptible to thrown spears at closer range; they are given to running amok if panicked and should they do so then the most skilled commander will not be able to bring them back under his control.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list! All rosters are a work in progress and unit list may not be complete or finalized; appearance and description may change in the final release.


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