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My 1942-submod of alpha-2.0 which I call V1.9 with improved stats, maxed-out unit numbers, more factions in South America (Brazil represented by Portugal, Chile represented by Spain and Argentine represented by Germany,) Japan has 1 new region on the map, Britain has Calgary again, all the new units and projectiles of version 2.01 implemented, all the new animations except the plane-anims, German cities in use everywhere - no more vanilla settlements, every faction has tanks and planes and more!

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Drop the mod in the RTW-folder and then move out the 1942.exe from the 1942-folder and drop it into the RTW-folder - then start it by double-clicking on it.

With Steam it's the usual steps.

Don't forget to patch the .exe-files of the RTW-game and its expansions plus the 1942.exe with the large address aware patch.

Download-link to my Google Drive:

Delete this highlighted Export_Descr_Unit-file. It's obsolete from January 2020 and was probably placed there because of backup-reasons. I did forget to remove it.

1942 11


The mod will still crash randomly in battles and it's more common in siege battles due to the large numbers of troops and the demanding custom cities - if you use smaller unit size it will be less likely to CTD in sieges. Battlefield-battles rarely crash no matter what unit size you'd use. Even huge worked fine on the battlefield but would lag when they are too many.

Crash to desktop when ending turns can happen rarely but unlike in 2.0 it shouldn't happen all the time. You can just restart the mod and continue when that happens. If a battle crash chances are that it won't CTD the second time.

Always make two or three saves:

Usa 01
USA 02
USA 03

And overwrite the oldest one at the bottom.

Saved-games can get corrupted so always use more than one save. Don't trust in autosaves. Quicksaves are less stable than ordinary manual saves.

Save the mod before and after every battle. That's what I've learnt to do in every mod if I do not wish to replay stuff prior to a battle, or the battle itself - again.. If a battle does CTD then just replay it once and it should be fine. You can also use the auto_win cheat. I played a German campaign in 2020 in an older version of this mod and it never crashed two times in the same battle.

CTD when ending turns just means you can restart the mod and load the autosave and then continue. It won't crash again.

Total War : 1942 Demo

Total War: 1942 Version 1.9 for Rome: Total War and Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion (sea battles only work with Barbarian Invasion, and they're custom/historical battle only,) - but my submod for it with my personal changes such as:

1. Improved stats of units.

2. Maxed-out unit numbers (large unit size is recommended because huge will be too many for the city-battles as the units can't follow commands due to stretching too much,).

1942 001942 011942 021942 031942 04

3. More factions in South America (Brazil represented by Portugal, Chile represented by Spain and Argentine represented by Germany,).

4. Japan has an additional region on the map at the start.

5. Britain has Calgary again.

1942 081942 09

6. All the new units and projectiles of version 2.01 implemented.

New British New British British Centurion MK7 Post-War Heavy tank.New WZ-111-1-4 People's Republic of China Heavy Tank!New AMX-13 French Post-War light tanks!American T95 mobile-artillery added!M46 Patton late Medium Tank added to the USA.Katyusha Rocket Trucks have new rockets!1942 05

7. All the new animations except the plane-anims from version 2.01 implemented.

8. German cities (town, large_town, City and large_city) in use everywhere - no more vanilla settlements.

Third Reich/German Reich Large Town visible in the distance!

1942 10

The new German custom settlement Large City is amazing!

9. A larger gate for the brick-wall enabling tanks, bikes, trucks and panzers to move through.

10. A new German UI for the factions using the German culture.

1942 061942 07

11. Every faction has tanks and planes - most factions have both bombers and fighters.

12. The Empire of Japan nerfed in Asia, Germany nerfed in Europe and Soviet starting armies won't move.

I did spend about two weeks modding the alpha-2.0 version of Total War: 1942 that I had received from Dagovax Sirrianus, the main creator of the mod, back in January of 2020 - in order for the submod to be done back in October of 2021. Made it in October based on 1.3/alpha-2.0 - a much improved 1.3 - where I moved over as much as I could from Version 2.01 because version 2.0 were unstable at the time. The mod already had the German cities excluding Berlin itself - but it didn't have the German cities outside of Germany, something I had to change myself in order to rid the mod of all the vanilla RTW cities.

I plan on doing similar changes to the latest release if Saloth-Sar indeed fixed the gamebreaking CTD which I'm very hopeful he has managed to do.

He released the fix a few days after I was finished with my submod.

Credits for Total War: 1942 - Dagovax Sirianus & Saloth-Sar - with some minor contributions by Mr_Nygren.

Submod of alpha-2.0 which I call 1.9 - Mr_Nygren.



And by some miracle this version works for me. Great, no more barbarian settlements to conquer.

Just have to share. i just tried siege battle in campaign with the german empire against Leningrad and there was some leftover textures from rome, and also the ground was hollow in some parts, other then that the battle worked and the city still with some flaws look great.

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Mr_Nygren Author

The ground being hollow is a known bug that the creator Dagovax couldn't fix.

The reason that there are some leftover textures/buildings in some cities from RTW vanilla cities is due to these cities still using vanilla RTW buildings in certain files.

Dagovax only ever finished the new buildings for the factions using the German culture, so originally only Germany, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary would have the new cities, the new UI and the new buildings.

I then managed to enable these cities for every faction but with the unfortunate result that some buildings in cities of factions that are not the "German culture"-factions would still be vanilla RTW.

So while the cities are modern certain buildings may be vanilla if they're held by others than the core Germanic nations.

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I see! Thanks for letting me know.

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Mr_Nygren Author

No problem. Good to know that this version works for you.

Does the new 2.01 fix or final version work for you?

The sub-mod is less finished in certain areas but have other areas improved in my opinion.

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Nope it crashed right upon first custom battle including tanks. As did the campaign battle when i tried. So something makes the game crash for the newer versions, but your sub-version and the first initial version works flawless. No crashes to speak of so far, but got bored to quickly because of the settlement-issue. But now i'm looking forward to test this version with the settlements. I really don't know if i should go for large or huge size of units. See in the preview pics that you tested with huge size but as you mentioned the pathfinding and stability might be an issue.

I really like to have the settings on huge, because it's more realistic imo, i also change the formation to a more outspread one
"formation 2.2, 2.2, 3.4, 3.4, 5, square"
(no line-infantry lines or not as dense anyway)

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Mr_Nygren Author

Thanks for your feedback, I did suspect that and that's why I did release the sub-mod and make it. It sucks that Paris and Berlin ain't in it though..

I think that if you play custom battles on the battlefield that you should absolutely play on huge size.

In the campaign large is recommended because the siege battles have issues working well for the player when the infantry-units won't listen to commands when you click on them to move into a city. The lines are too long and they will not move.

So custom = huge and campaign = large.

You can try huge.. The battlefield-battles were fine! It's just that the troops will have trouble moving into cities on huge size.

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Yes thanks a lot for that! Yes that is unfortunate that Paris and Berlin ain't included, but way better then before nonetheless.

Ok did go for large size, 120 riflemen is still better then 80.

Yes that was what i thougt, so large size for campaign is a better choice.

Thanks again!

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