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-----Heroic Mod-----


Will provide help if possible.

So, as you can see, I am the creator of the TLE Mod which I am not working on anymore. But now since the remastered version of Praetorians has been released, I decided to come back a "little while" and work on another mod, this Praetorians Remastered - Heroic Mod.


Latest Version Features(v1.1)

  1. More dangerous AI.
  2. Nerf the attack power of Masked Warriors.
  3. Buff the attack power of Plunderers.

**Legion II Augusta**


Legion II Augusta was one of the best Legions ever created under the Roman Empire. It was named after emperor Augustus for its heroic accomplishment.

Legion II Augusta's Troop consists of:

  • Legion II Infantry (90 Units - Builder)
  • Legion II Levy Archers (56 Units - Archer) Weaker than Normal Roman's Archers but have faster recruitment.
  • Legion II Legionnaires (90 Units - Main fighter - 1 HoP) Stronger than Normal Legionnaires, but cost Hop to recruit.
  • Legion II Gladiators (30 Units - Elite fighter - 15 HoP) Veteran version of Normal Gladiators.
  • Legion II Praetorians (30 Units - Elite fighter - 15 HoP) Veteran version of Normal Praetorians.

Legion II Augusta tactic based on elite units combat. In the early game, they need to train Infantry and Levy Archers to start minor battles and getting HoP (Honor Point) to recruit Legionnaires. Then in late game they can use HoP to train elite Troops, which is a better version of Roman's Elite Troops while having a faster recruiting time. However, it will cost more HoP than its Roman's counterparts.



**Exiled Tribe**

Exiled Tribe is a horde of ancient barbarians men, who wield good capability of fighting in both close combat and shooting down their enemies from afar.

Exiled Tribe's Troop consists of:

  • Tribe's Infantry (48 Units - Builder)
  • Tribe's Bowmen (48 Units - Archer) Weaker than Normal Roman's Bowmen but have faster recruitment.
  • Tribe's Warriors (36 Units - Main fighter) Mounted soldiers that play the main role in dealing with enemies.
  • Tribe's Hunters (48 Units - Main Archer) Mounted ranged units that should be used along with Tribe's Warriors to provide support and create good synergy between the army.
  • Wind Lancers (36 Units - Elite Cavalry - 10 HoP) Fast moving horsemen that have powerful attack power, combined with fast recruitment time. However, they have low HP and are extremely weak against ranged attacks.
  • Sacred Warriors (36 Units - Elite Cavalry - 10 HoP) Heavy-armored all round cavalry that can be used to take down heavily guarded position. Can't go into forest.
  • Eastern Rangers (48 Units - Elite Archer Cavalry - 10 HoP) Light ranged cavalry who provide excellent support from afar and with great arrows power.

Exiled Tribe's strategy depends on speed and maneuverability. In the early game, they can train warriors and hunters, which have good speed to take fight across the map quickly and can focus troops extremely fast when necessary. Their elite units also have their own advantages and disadvantages, thus create a great variety of tactics that no one can underestimate.



- Fix the bug that makes Barbarians Infantry building structures slower than usual.

- Rebalanced the range of ranged units:

Normal Archers < Mounted Archers < Elite Archers < Planted Normal Archers (Stationary Formation).


Already available Features:


  • Add Unlimited Unit Control Points to all units, except for Infantry, Scouts, Medics and Leaders.

Scouts now have a UCP of 80, train a few of them to increase the UCP, then you will be able to promote your unít.

  • Triple the amount of troops in each squad. (30 to 90, 16 to 48,etc)
  • Triple the amount of HP of structures and machines. (100000 to 300000, 4000 to 12000,etc)
  • Reduce villagers requirement of all units to 0, except for Cavalry and Elite Units.

This allow you to build an almost infinite army, but when you start recruiting cavalry(Equites,Mounted Bowmen,etc), or elite units(Praetorians,Berserkers,etc), village's population will be decreased.

  • Honor Points Required to recruit cavalry increased from 1 to 5, and elite units from 2 to 10.


Choosen Archers (Romans) - Elite unmounted archers, have good range and can't get into stationary formation. Not weak in melee combat.


Masked Warriors (Barbarians) - Elite unmounted fighters, moving at good speed and have fair armor against archers.


Plunderers (Egpytians) - Elite-Lightly armored cavalry, move at great speed, can go through forest and deal great damage.


  • Nerf the protective formation of Roman's Spearman (They are far too strong against normal formation that people don't even use normal formation at all) - Now the protective formation increase defense against melee attack, but not against ranged attack anymore. Also, when using this formation, Spearman are a little slower.
  • Buff the armor against melee attack of all spearman/pikeman,etc by 10 points in Stationary Formation.
  • Buff the armor against ranged attack of German Cavalry.
  • Buff the defense of Roman Legionnaires against ranged attack by 10 points. (Good armor)
  • Buff the defense of Warriors against melee attack by 10 points. (Good fighting skills)
  • Buff the defense of Soldiers against ranged and melee attack by 5 points each. (Versatility)

Legionnaires Fighting

Legionnaires Fighting

Legionnaires Fighting



Thank you all viewers, followers, trackers and users for your attention. If you can, please introduce this mod to other praetorians players and show your love to this mod through voting it. Thanks.


By Vanka123 - This News has been updated: (25/8/2020) for New Status

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