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Merry christmas, Total Annihilation: Escalation 8.1.3 has been released, with many bug fixes, and some very important balance changes.

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Total Annihilation: Escalation Beta 8.1.3


Removed Units

Arm Ziggurat - under maintenance for next major release

Core Shaper - under maintenance for next major release / may be replaced

Core Overseer - under maintenance for next major release / may be replaced

Arm Deputy Commander - under maintenance for next major release

Core Deputy Commander - under maintenance for next major release

Arm Skycrane - under maintenance for next major release / may be replaced

General/Overall Completed

Added loading sound for classic air transports


Fixed improper Core Advanced Floating Hoverplant corpse

Fixed missing hotkeys for Arm and Core T3 construction aircraft

Fixed Core Decimator explosion with charging animation effect

Fixed Arm and Core Underwater Energy Storage self charging bug

Fixed Core Amassadaor leaving Galactic Gate corpse bug

Fixed CD:3D texturing on various models

Fixed incorrect Energy usage for Core Floating Metal Maker

Fixed/Removed mass-reclaiming (rock) exploit

Fixed unit target locking issues when enemy in sight/range

Fixed mutiple underwater mobile unit corspes blocking ship/sub pathfinding

T1 Completed

Increased Arm Zapper Metal costs (272->299), reduced armor (1115->1060), lowered buildtime (-10%)

Renamed Core 'Igniter' to 'Salamander', increased Metal costs (280->300), reduced buildtime (-12%) and armor (1450->1250), add Pyro death Blast

Increased Arm Javelin armor (735->795)

T2 Completed

Improved Arm Bertha Cannon / Vulcan Upgrade DPS (166->200)

Increased Core Intimidator/ Buzzsaw Upgrade DPS (187.5->200), increased AOE (240-256) and Edge Effectiveness (0.2->.25)

Increased Arm Rector and Core Necro workertime (180->240), lowered Metal costs (-10%), added personal radar jamming to shroud unit being rezzed

Increased Core Mechanic workertime (180->300)

Added 50% more capacity to Arm and Core MUATs

Increased Arm Bulldog LOS (352->384)

Increased Core Goliath LOS (384->448)

Lowered Arm Pelican Armor (1080->960), Increased Metal costs (+20%) and Energy costs (+10%)

Increased Arm Warden weapon Energy cost to fire (500->1000)

Arm Spider stun blast will only fire upon self destruct

T3 Completed

Lowered Metal cost for Arm and Core T3 Vehile/Kbot factories (-12.5%)

Modified Core Decimator weapon (removed large explosion radius)

Removed radar jamming from Core Skynet, added extended LOS, Increased overall costs (+50%)

Improved Arm Nova weapon accuracy (+200%) and weapon AOE (+30%), added Edge Effectivness (0.25)

Improved Core Overlord weapon AOE (160->208), lowered DPS (900->800) and Energy to fire (5000->3750), added Edge Effectivness (0.25)

Removed radar coverage from Core Arbitrator, add weapon range ring

Lowered armor (-25%) and removed radar jamming for the Arm Vermin, Note: can now be transported by heavy (T3) MUATs

Added Immunity to all paralyzers to the Core Defiler

Increased Arm Nomad Factory workertime (300->480), removed T3 buildmenu options. Note: Nomad builds T1 4x and T2 2x faster than traditional land factories.

Lowered Arm and Core T3 AA Tower Metal costs (-25%)

T4 Completed

Moved all T4 Vtols to T3 air plant (Status, Hercules / Vindicator, Dargonfly)

Moved Core B.F.G to T3 construction vehicle/VTOL build menus, unit now fires high trajectory ballistic shot

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