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Hello everyone, 9gen here. As our summary doesn't really reveal a lot we will be releasing updates here as news about certain topics. Today's topic will be "Player influence and Combat".

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Hello everyone, 9GEN here. Today's topic will be "Player influence and Combat".

Player influence:

Evangilion is a sci-fi fantasy game, therefore we chose an open world/space setting, involving lots of different planets. There are 2 main factions and 19 playable species in total. As a player you will be able to traverse a vast universe with lots of planets. Some might become explorers, trying to map the whole universe for their main faction. Every planet will be different from each other, they will all have their own dangers and values. When an explorer discovers a new planet the faction might choose to inhabit this planet, creating cities, mines, etc. However not every planet will be uninhabited, some might even belong to the enemy. This is where the military comes in, the players who enjoy the combat, to expel the enemy from this planet and claiming it for themselves. The control of planet's will be dynamic, nothing is pre-determined. Players control everything in their faction, the economy, their technology level, everything.


One might want to conquer a planet, but this will not be easy. To achieve victory there must first be a battle, there will be combat. Combat in Evangilion will be action-based, testing the skills from the player, the teamwork between the party-members and the overall strategic capabilities. There will be 3 battle modes for large groups fighting against each other: 1. Fleet battles. Fleet battles are huge battles between fleets of space-ships. As attacker/invader you will need to destroy enemy defenses and clear a path for your transporters. 2. ground battles. Ground battles are battles between all players with nothing more than their weapons and armor. After you as invader pass the defenses and land on the planet, you will need to defend your landing site and get past the enemy to reach their stronghold. 3. Siege battles. One group defending their base while the other group tries to assault it, involving base defenses and siege weapons and vehicles. The invaders will attack thhe city walls and eventualy need to take over the command tower and eliminate every enemy forces. Players can view their characters in third person or first person mode, whichever they prefer. There will be one privileged player on each team who may view the field in "Strategy Mode". Strategy Mode is an on top view of the battlefield where he is able to send minions (weak npc characters, more about this in later topic's), post objectives for his teammates and basically be the commander. (More about the modes in later topics)

Factions, guilds and players:

Players will be part of large communities, the largest will be a minor faction. The player starts as being part of one of the two major factions: The Alliance OR The Myrmidons. These are the two major forces fighting over control of the universe. Both have minor factions controlled by players consist of 3 types of guilds: 1. Military Guilds. Quite self-explanatory, the backbone of the faction. These guilds focus on combat and order within the faction, keeping everyone safe and at the same time conquering more and more planets. 2. Trading Guilds. The guilds who earn their money not as spoils of war but rather by more peaceful means. Trading guilds take care of the supply and demand in the faction. 3. Diplomacy guild. A type of guild where there can only be one of in each minor faction, they take care of the politics and make the decisions. However they are also a necessity if one wants to create an independent faction, not being part anymore of the Alliance or Empire. (more about this and more detailed explanations about guilds factions and diplomacy in future topic's)

This was a small detailed summary of the subjects listed above, and even though it is not much we hope you liked it, we will give more information in time. If you liked this leave a comment with your thoughts. If there are any volunteers out there that would be interested in helping us build this game let us know in the comments or send a private message. We thank you for reading!


Team 9GEN

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