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A simple tool that hopefully could make your developing mod time fasten.

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Dynamic indication mod, such a beautiful addition to your personal mod. but, it was a painful job to make it work and display every single weapon you have been added to your own mod, and today this tool could probably fix that.

All credit goes to the mod creator Leeberty

Introducing, the Crypter(i might change its name).

What is this?
A generator

What I can do with it?

  • Generate scripts for CustomizeIndication1-6Weapon.con, HudElementsAttackerWeapon.con,
    • CustomizeIndication1-6Weapon.con
    • HudElementsAttackerWeapon.con
  • Generate textures for
    • Indicationweapon (texture when killing an enemy)
    • KilledIndicationWeapon (texture when killed by enemy)
  • Automatic backup every time you generate with limiter
  • Batch processing
  • Option to either only generate scripts or generate textures

Where I can get my hand on this?

first, you need to read the Documentation.

then you can download it from here.

What do I need to make it work?

  • Imagemagick
  • Photoshop

What version of dynamic indication it compatible with?

Only the latest version (5.3.4)

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