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Discussion of Tomb of Twelve's optimal frame rate; frames per second in the full version of the free game.

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Faster Frame Rate in Tomb of Twelve:

"The game run's fine. No slow down." -Gamer with Fast Computer
"This game feels like I'm playing in slow motion." -Gamer with slow frames per second

Tomb of Twelve's frame rate per second was tested on a number of computers for optimal play, though your feedback on the game's frame rate is very much welcome for future developement considerations.

If you have time, please list the following if you can in your comment reply:
1. Home Computer or Laptop?
2. GHz and RAM?
3. Does Tomb of Twelve move at a nice speed, or very slowly?
4. Are all other programs and background programs closed while playing?

5. Operating system and version?

Tomb of Twelve's optimal frame rate results in fast, responsive game play without any noticeable slow down, when running on a 2.50 GHz or faster, 4 GB RAM computer. For the fastest frame rate (30fps+), close all other major programs and background operations for an optimal frame rate, sometimes going offline if necessary (disconnect from the internet if possible).

On some laptops, even with those same specs listed above, for some reason there is a lot of slowdown, to the point the character looks like he's moving in slow motion. One possible reason is if there are background programs working.

When running solely on its own on a 2.5 GHz 4 GB RAM home computer or faster, Tomb of Twelve is a fast, responsive video game with a good frame rate. If the Tomb of Twelve game has a very slow frame rate on your system, please let me know, so I can keep this in mind regarding the game's design. Thank you!

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