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The mod starter, that allows you to play ToJ with changed models etc will soon get an update

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The Mod starter will soon get an update, fixing some nasty bugs (like in Valley of the Kings) and it now also has all missing model files replaced

This means, it now changes nearly 100% of all models that are used for the enemys in Tomb of Jarahcon

All that is left to do, is to run a few tests, because on my PC some of the changed models, were actually shown just normal :/

So, this was the good for now... I think it will need some time for the 1.18 update of ToJ itself, because some guy is really slowly working on a fullscreen inventory system *sigh*
but you can check it out here
I could work on an alternate inventory system, but if it is really as good as he promises I think I can wait some more...

Oh yeah! before i forget it! you can always post your own screenshots, news or whatever here!

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