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This news post is the announcement for the hotfix which I will be releasing tomorrow which will update Tofu Zombies to version 1.0.5 and will fix many of the reported bugs.

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***The patch has been released, and is now available for download!!***

After reading the many bug reports in my inbox, and on the comments I have been working on fixing the problems and will be releasing an update with those fixes tomorrow. It will change the following:

-Survivors will no longer be able to use the sentry drone (the flying one), it causes the game to crash at certain points because of the way it is programmed to be used in a squad.

-The "singleplayer" button will be changed to "do not use." To play alone, go to multiplayer and start a local server.

-The support kit for the survivors will have the sentry turret instead of the drone, and the recon kit will have the scope zoom unlock instead of the sentry turret.

-The kits will have proper names

-Increased number of zombies (50 instead of 40)

-A few other minor issues, mostly with balance (weapon ammo and damage)

***The patch will not contain any maps because I found bugs in them which will take a bit of time to fix. The mappack will have to be released later than I wanted, and will be released next weekend late friday or early saturday (Oct. 22nd or 23rd).***

If anyone has any more bugs to report, please do so tonight if possible. Thanks!

That's all for now,

~~Tofugames :)

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