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Today, we are focusing on one of our concept artists, Sergei. As well as showcasing some of his art, we also asked him about his journey as an artist.

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“I drew from my very childhood, I always drew at school, while serving in the army, when I was a student and ever since. My favourite painters are Boris Vallejo and Salvador Dali. For a long time I drew with a pencil then for many years painted with oils. I copied Vallejo’s paintings on commission, painted landscapes and portraits on canvases, even did paintings on the walls. Though I have never studied art in school or attended drawing classes I learned a lot about human anatomy, composition, colour and creative thinking due to this experience and my constant will to paint.

I became interested in digital art when I saw how significantly technology has changed cinema and the game industry. I have worked as a freelance digital artist for almost two years. My favourite genres are fantasy, sci-fi and horror. When I was asked to join the Valenwood team I understood it would be my chance to participate in creating something really great! I am grateful to all my fellow artists in the Valenwood team for the experience we have to work together and to learn from each other in the process of creating this mod.”


Amulet of Yffre

Nose Flutes

Mulch bug

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