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Today we're working towards updating the various websites and social media outlets that talk about Sol Avenger.

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In order to effectively share this game with the world, we must have sufficient content to display on the web. Our team can attest to the fact that we've been building Sol Avenger for over 8 months. The game has a signficant amount of content in it for us to share. It's been tested and we plan on working on it for many more months, as long as it takes really and, we're hoping it'll be ready by mid-summer of 2015. Today is about promotion. What we're doing is creating images, descriptions, hard data points about Sol Avenger that we can give to you the player so that you may understand what it is we're trying to do. Our website at is a little behind and so we're catching that content up to date. We're also working towards fleshing out the final bits of our kickstarter campaign. We are building up a Steam Greenlight campaign and we are crafting a media packet to share with journalists, bloggers and forums. This is all in an effort to get eyeballs on this project because we feel like we're building something that people will enjoy. It's certainly a beast to wrap ones head around building a game and everyone involved is doing the best they can to build a fantastic experience for everyone to enjoy. We're running a grand show and our stage is Sol Avenger, it's coming to you on every platform we can put it on. At Quantum Forge we build games for gamers and we stand behind what we do. We will continue to evolve over the years and develop greater player experiences to the best of our ability because that's our passion.

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