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Sorry, not actually breaking news, but instead a todo list so you know what I plan on doing.

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Unfortunately, not breaking news. Just a list of stuff I would like to finish before uploading a final version 0.1.
Before First Upload:
Finish adding/naming planets & placing them.
Finish editing the new consortium units.
Finish editing the old consortium units.
Finishing the auto-resolve health/damage balance for consortium(This will sadly make them overpowered for the time being)
Change the colour of the hutts.

Now, for the corruption system and auto resolve system, I'll explain what I wish to do with that. The Corruption system right now, is pretty nice. I like it, but I want to change it. Corrupt Militia is stupid, the fact that, when they try to remove the corruption, they lose their planet, possibly even a level 5 space station, is stupid. I would LIKE to change that to, have the indigenous units on the planet fight for the Consortium anytime a ground battle occurs. Slavery and Piracy, will no longer give extra units, instead, they will give benefits to units. Capturing the planet will give the units instead (Which means, the empire and rebellion might also get variations of the units. Possibly a Rebel Wookie War Party? Or an Ewok Scout Party? Maybe a Hutt/Tuskan Raider Party?). Except for the cases of Hoth and Coruscant. Both Piracy and Slavery (Kidnapping too) will be here....I hope. LUA scripting isn't my area of expertise either, so, don't get your hopes up. You may have to settle for Racketeering, payout (hopefully, that's an alternative), and the unit (I really wanted to make it an OR choice). You can kidnap someone for an extremely large sum of credits, attempt a very hard version of piracy to get a stolen Imperial Star Destroyer, or Mon Calamari Cruiser, or even attempt to add Wampa's and Storm Troopers to your unit list(WHAT? STORM TROOPERS? WAMPA?).

Plans for the future:
Finishing the Rebel/Empire versions
Adding a Hutt AI/Playable(MAYBE) version.
Expand to other, smaller maps.
Increase the planet count,
More/Less Heros!
Have the Force actually mean something in the game!
Add even more units.
Maybe, just maybe in the future, I'll get some help and that person will know how to model/rig/voice act and we can add some really new units.

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