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SOTV To-do List.

A rough list of things that need doing, from now up until
the first release:


Final tweaking and testing of the Venators

A hangar spawn point on the Weapons Platform

FIX Y-Wings (I broke something with them last
time I was messing around with starfighters and now they only fire their Ion
cannon ability)

Link the existence of the Weapons Platform to
that of a ground structure

Then (Probably in this order as well)

Mod the A.I so that they can build and use new

Re-visit an idea I had some time ago of adding
moons as separate ‘Planets'

So you could fight in orbit around Yavin itself,
and also fight in orbit and on land for Yavin 4.

Re-Restart the ‘Closing On Coruscant' GC map.
(MUCH easier than editing the mess that I have now)

Balance Checks

Start the process of editing/re-skinning most of
the Vehicle and Building textures.

And some other little surprises

Once that is all done, I'll be
looking for Beta testers, to help with ironing out any remaining bugs.

If the beta is a success, with no
MAJOR issues, I'll be releasing the 1.0 of the mod around May/June/July
depending on my Uni workload.

Since finally understanding how
turrets work, I've been doing a bit of experimenting with the Gauss Defense
Platform from SOASE. If at all, how would any of you like it to be incorporated
into the mod? I was thinking of setting it up as turrets for the Weapons
Platform perhaps?

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