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This list has features to be added and bugs to be fixed in the future

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Update the Armillion's model [before/5/15]
Make the Armillion a transport ship [before/5/15]
Give the Armillion a speed boost ability
Add User Identification to the main menu log in animation
Add user profiles in the main menu for different save files
Add flare ability to the Moonrunner [/3/15]
Key rebinding [before/5/15]
Add option for team colour on in game unit names and line
Finish Main Base Status room
Fix the Avalanche [before/5/15]
Finish Retributio
Fog level
Waves Level
Add art style 3 [before/5/15]
Engine damage
Have primary and secondary weapons fire simultaneously, have secondary fire be as before with same DPS as primary (lasers)

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