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Our demo of game(and engine too) will be released soon!

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Hello everybody!
The demo was absolutely ready in the middle of july, but I didn't have a good access to the internet...So, the demo will be released from 22 to 30 of august(depending on when I get a good connection, not a mobile internet).I have many problems with a perfomance of my engine, because I have 4 dynamic per-pixel lights on scene which killes a perfomance, and I'm not using lightmaps, because of having no experience in light mapping. However, out engine supports it. I'll try to post a fix, which will make it run better.Although, there are some ways to make it run faster on older computers.(disabling glow, making a lower shadowmap size)

System Requirements:
Intel Dual Core 2.0+ GHZ (or modern)
NVidia or ATI ps_2_x syntax compatible(recommended NVidia, higher than 8800Gt)
1 gb RAM200 mb of hard disk memory




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