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A little premature as I'm still to release the final version of TK 2.ZERO, but I've been thinking about it all the same with TK 2.ZERO near completion; TK2: Ground Zero. Ground Zero will represent the pinnacle of SoC mods, literally. I'm not just throwing those words in to make it sound good. Ground Zero will be built upon TK 2.ZERO and right now here is what you can expect to see in Ground Zero;


Lost Village



Red Forest



Count them. Thats no less than 7 new levels. As yet these are the only confirmed new entries for TK2: Ground Zero, but there will have to be other features as well to tie the levels in such as brand new missions, new weapons, and maybe, just MAYBE, the return of the Tark.

Thoughts, opinions?



OMG, that sounds awesome!

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BTW, I think that, if possible, adding the Tark would be cool.

Especially if it were rarer, and was in areas like Darkscape; dark, forested, and big areas.

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