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It's really not. Progress has just been slow. Very slow. Almost motionless.

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So, its been some time since an update and no doubt there are some wondering whats going on and others that probably think TK is a dead mod. Its not. Development has been painfully slow due in no small part to me building a new system a little over a year ago that has had far more teething problems than I anticipated so I couldn't settle back in. Hopefully soon I will buy yet another motherboard (went through 5 X370 boards, none of them have been particularly good) which hopefully will be far better, going X470 Fatal1ty K4 this time after which I should be able to start getting on with modding again. There won't be any release though until I'm certain every edited (and possibly new level) is 100% bug free and I'm happy with it because level building with the X-Ray SDK is a monotonous process at the best of times. Despite a much longer down time than planned TK did have quite a lot of work done to it, edited levels have many more physics objects added, as well as the levels having a much darker tone about them (eg; hints of betrayal, massacres, etc) which for now I plan to leave at just the set pieces and let players imagine their own stories. Speaking of stories there is also a lot of content that has been rewritten if the team members are still alive who started that work I'll see about getting that finished and included as well. There was also of course extra work done to textures, refinements, improvements, completely new textures, etc that I made so everything looks as nice as possible and fits within technical limitations, new renderers have / are being worked on and lastly I also have a faster drive now which should speed up work with the SDK so..yay there too. Only a mechanical drive though as the SDK is a pig making constant temp files for every tiny change I won't ravage one of my SSDs with writes like that.

If there is anyone out there who wants to lend a hand with level design / editing, implementing new tasks, even whole new sub-plots and stories and particularly anyone who could do some mesh smoothing in Maya or 3DS Max for existing NPC and mutant models to spruce them up do get in contact.


What the hell is this? I dont remember this.

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This is great news I was hoping for some information about this project. Keep up the good work KET.

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